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Top 10 reasons Koro Sun should be on your holiday list for 2018

As 2018 approaches most of us plan to be more organised, more engaged and more health conscious in the new year. We promise ourselves that we will get a better balance of work, rest and play. Most of us use a vacation as an escape from the rat race, somewhere to hide for a week or two from all those obligations. What if your next vacation was different? Would it feel like to travel to a place where you could recentre and refocus all in one location?  Could  you relax and rejuvenate under the glow of a tropic sunset. What if there was a  place that could offer you all this and required nothing from you but to turn up and chill out?

Fiji holidays 2018

Here’s 10 reasons Koro Sun Rainforest Resort will improve your mind body and soul.

1. GET your happy back

Countless surveys come up with stats claiming that the Fijian people are the happiest on Earth. So with up to 93% of Fijians answering they were either “happy” or “very happy.” The source of this happiness could come from the pristine beaches the crystal clear seas or their engaging culture, but one thing is obvious, Fiji has a whole lot of happy to offer. Koro Sun Resort focuses on you. The staff will go out of their way to make your stay special. Above all when asked what the most memorable element of their trip was, guests quote ‘the people’ as number one on the list. If you are feeling a little lost in perspective, it’s time to double dose the positivity. Happiness is infectious, there’s a lot to smile about in Fiji, come and let the local happy rub off on you!


The term ‘Fiji time’ is used to reinforce the importance of relaxing, but really, there is no rush when you’re always ahead of the rest of the world. Koro Sun Resort lies on the second largest island of Fiji, Vanua Levi. Just hours from the location of the 180th degree meridian line. You’ll always be one of the first countries to welcome a new day when you are located so close to the International Date Line.

3. Getting back to nature IS EFFORTLESS

150 acres of virgin rainforest is at your doorstep. The resort runs from the reef to the rainforest. You can choose to stay on the waters edge, in the botanical gardens or in the rainforest. The local flora and fauna; tropical fish, exotic birds and tropic vegetation is ready and waiting to meet you. There are a multitude of activities you can do, should you want a closer encounter such as rainforest trekking, waterfall trips, botanical walks, and river kayaking.

4. Aquatic life AT THE WATERS EDGE

The resort starts at the ocean front. There are a number of accommodation options set on the Edgewater side of the resort. With complete ocean frontage and a view of Koro Island in the distance, it’s easy to understand why the local sea life choose to hang out here. The ocean frontage has been rezoned for marine restoration. No fishing is allowed. This means that the abundance of marine life and coral is increasing by the day. The free snorkelling gear and kayaks available for all guests make this the perfect opportunity to explore the ocean. The waters in this area are world class and deemed some of the best areas for diving in the world. Just ask Jean-Michel Cousteau, world class diver who set up his own Marine Reserve around the corner!

Diving and deep ocean fishing is available from the Namena Dive Centre set up on site at the marina.

Also there’s also the exotic Fijian pearls grown in the SavuSavu by J. Hunter Pearls. Tropic conditions create unique colours and world class quality. You can explore natures ocean gems with a dive amongst the pearls, a visit to the store and a free educational talk weekly at the resort.  


So it’s time to start eating better? No need. Most noteworthy of the produce served to you from the Palm Grove Restaurant and Lattitude17º Seafood Restaurant is either grown on site, caught from the sea or purchased from the local markets. Organic, fresh produce is just the way food comes when you live on an island. Make sure you don’t miss the weekly Lovo Banquet, cooked underground using authentic Fijian flavours and delivered to the table with a side of sensational cultural song and dance from the locals. 

For the health conscious, you may be up on the latest coconut and noni juice benefits. Coconut juice is the new remedy to revitalising the body and noni juice is claimed, the new prevention against cancer. This is no surprise to the locals, they have been using these products for centuries. Koro gives you a fresh coconut juice the moment you arrive, and our local botanist makes the coconut oil and noni juice fresh, for you to buy from the boutique.


Probably you want to nurture your body, what better way to do it than in a rainforest with natural products. The award winning Rainforest Spa offers a multitude of treatments, including Fijian style massage and the famous ‘Banana Leaf Wrap’ in there treatment rooms set in the tropical rainforest beside the waterfall. 

The Koro Sun Resort provides you with ‘Pure Fiji’ brand products in your room. Fiji’s own spa brand, natural products such as papaya, coconut milk, pineapple and kaffir lime gives your body its own tropical paradise.  


The resort is designed for you to leave that technology behind and connect with each other again. Families are accommodated with special meal times, child minding facilities, kids club and kids pool. For the adults, there is the ocean front Wai Bar and adults only pool. Romantic dinners and couple massages give you the perfect opportunity to reconnect to that special someone in a picture postcard setting.


Hence if your mission is to ‘try something new’ then a retreat may be the perfect choice. There are a range of retreats available annually at the resort. Experts from around the world offer unique packages specialising on joy, health, fitness and art, all set in amazing locations throughout the resort.

Check out the 2018 retreats on offer


Your time in the sun will provide a plethora of benefits. It will boost your immune system and strengthen your bones, help reduce depression and anxiety and even boost weight lose. Make sure to pack your sunscreen and a hat. With temperatures ranging from 73°F(23°C) to 79°F(26°C) you’ll have every opportunity to top up on the sunshine vitamin.


Don’t torture yourself getting that beach body shape. Because sarongs make everyone look fabulous as long as you have a gorgeous Fijian sunset or a golden beach as your backdrop! 

Koro Sun Resort, it is the perfect prescription to start an amazing 2018. After your first stay you can create your own reasons for why a dose of Koro is the perfect boost for any year. The smiles and sunshine will always be waiting for you. Don’t wait, book the trip, treat your mind, body and soul in 2018.


fiji holidays 2018

Koro Sun Resort, it is the perfect prescription to start an amazing 2018. After your first stay you can create your own reasons for why a dose of Koro is the perfect boost for any year. The smiles and sunshine will always be waiting for you. Don’t wait, book the trip, treat your mind, body and soul in 2018.

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