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The native Fijians have a natural gift of touch. The rainforest setting and the warmth of the Fijians will leave you with an experience to be remembered.

The trickling streams and calling birds are some of the sounds you’ll hear during your coconut-oil massage, in the lush Fijian jungle surrounding the Rainforest Spa. And the detoxifying bindings that swaddle you during your body wrap come from the banana trees in our resort’s own grove. Even the coconut shavings used to polish and exfoliate your skin in the Sensational Scrub are gathered from a nearby plantation. That’s because everything at Koro Sun Rainforest Spa is as homegrown as possible — from the three treatment bures lighted by candles and lanterns and decorated with giant ferns to the 11 treatments ripe with ingredients like organic papaya, aloe and cucumber. All you have to do while you’re here is sit back, relax — and see, feel, hear and smell the island.

Prices in $FJD


The Rainforest Massage

Massage can provide deep relaxation, rejuvenation and healing. We integrate Fijian techniques with Western expertise to give your body the attention it needs.

1 hour treatment – $130FJD

1 hour-and-a-half – $195FJD


Banana Leaf Body Wrap

Natural Botanicals deeply penetrate vital minerals and nutrients into the skin. Helps center the body after jet lag or stress, leaving you feeling balanced and renewed.

1 ½ Hours: Regular Weekly Special. $200FJD

2 Hours: Regular Weekly Special. $250FJD


Sensational Scrubs

A luxurious scrub and body polish cleansing and exfoliating your skin leaving you smooth and silky. Feel revitalized and refreshed with sugar scrub

Half hour treatment – $95FJD

with massage – $200FJD


Rain Forest Foot Refresher

Fantastic foot soak with citrus bath followed by an exfoliating seaweed scrub, rinse and acupressure foot massage with coconut oil polish. Tea tree or peppermint.

Half hour treatment – $75FJD


Sun Soother

A sun retreat for your skin; heals conditions, soothes and nourishes. Fresh ingredients dilo cream are applied to the body followed by a banana leaf wrap. The body is then rinsed. Follow with a coconut oil polish, which completes this soothing therapy.

Half hour treatment – $95FJD

with massage – $200FJD


Fiji Facial

Treat the face to this therapy that cleanses, exfoliates, tones, moisturizes and nourishes. We use the purest of ingredients and essential oils

1 hour treatment – $110FJD

With Massage – $200FJD


Papaya Enzyme Facial

Fresh Papaya fruit has mild exfoliating properties; the natural enzyme papain softens and revitalizes the skin. Wrinkles now appear less noticeable.

1 hour treatment – $95FJD

with massage – $190FJD


The Ultimate Massage

Double your pleasure! A simultaneous massage performed by two therapists in flowing harmony and synchronicity.

1 hour treatment – $195FJD

1 ½ hour – $260FJD