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How to Pack for Fiji

Packing for your tropical getaway is always filled with a little anticipation, and a few excuses to buy a new wardrobe! It is often hard to know exactly what to pack, when you are not sure how your days will be filled.

So here are some handy hints that should make your packing easy. The advantage of staying at Koro Sun Resort is that you get the best of both worlds… Rainforest to Reef, so you want to cover yourself for both.

Firstly let’s state the obvious… it will be warm no matter what environment you are in. And isn’t that part of the reason you are going? Temperatures range between 71°F (26°C) to 88°F (31°C) all year long. It is in the tropics so, there will be sunshine and probably a little rain. Your journey to Koro Sun will involve taking a small plane or a ship. The weight of your luggage will be a factor.

What type of clothing should I bring?

Koro Sun is a casual yet classy resort. You can leave your high heals at home and trade them in for flip flops you can even wear to dinner! We want you to relax and unwind. Go for lots of natural fibres without too many layers. Cotton shirts, shorts and T-shirts are a good choice, and that floaty dress for the ladies will be a winner. Steer clear from fibres that will cling to you like nylon and swap your jeans for some lightweight cotton peddle pushers and you will look like the new Audrey Hepburn!

If you are visiting a village we ask that you respect the Fijian culture. Keep your shoulders covered and clothes down to your knees. Take your hat off too. This is only applicable in the villages, everywhere else you can don that little sun dress with pride.

And that brings us to the number one important thing when dressing for Fiji.. .that glorious, radiant sun! While the idea of sunning under a tropical sky sounds delicious your skin may not thank you on the first day, especially if your body has been trapped in an office all year! Clothing items with a bit of a sleeve, longer short leg and the comeback kaftan, are a great choice.

Swim wear should be on top of your list! And take more than one set. Weather is warm but humidity can be high, so clothing takes a little longer to dry. Getting into a wet swimsuit may just be one of your biggest challenges during your stay! Don’t forget your sarong, perfect for covering up while you go to lunch or take a beach walk and, you can always use it as your wrap when you enter a village. You don’t need a beach towel, we have those available near all our pools.

The local footwear is flip flops. Make sure you have a good pair, or two, ready to rock the pool and beach. Our bures are surrounded by botanical gardens and ocean so there are a few pathways to stroll through on your way to your meals.

How do I protect myself from the tropical elements?

Get your sun protection totally sorted by packing your sunglasses (polarised are your best choice), a rash shirt and waterproof sun cream. It may be a little bit of a shock that many of the locals are not so savvy with the sun cream but for the paler of us, we need that 50+. Also make sure it is waterproof as you will be spending quite a bit of time in water. Pack a hat with a broad brim too.

Fiji is a wildlife paradise, you will have butterflies wanting to dance with you on your rainforest walk, tropical fish swimming with you in the reef and gecko’s wanting to chat to you from the ceiling. All this nature also brings with it the bugs! There are not too many flies but you may be easy pickings for the mosquitoes, so arm yourself wisely! All our rooms are stocked with Aerogard and Mortein but you may want more. Pure Fiji makes a scented lemongrass insect repellent to ward off mosquitoes and unwelcome insects . It’s a natural blend of essential oils boosted to provide long lasting protection. It’s DEET-free and PABA-free. Bushman’s offers a full strength repellent containing DEET that also includes a sunscreen. Para’kito make some excellent refillable bands you can strap on everywhere. They contain essential oil chips that last 15 days each. These are perfect for kids and babies and will send the mozzies packing!

Should I pack any gear?

There are a multitude of resort activities on both land and sea for you to try when you arrive. Our activities shed supplies fins, snorkles and goggles. We have a great foreshore for walking along the rocks at low tide so pack your reef shoes. For the divers, wet suit may be good and the snorkllers, long leg/arm swim wear may be helpful. Pack a pair of walking shoes if you want to take a morning walk or trek into the rainforest. You may want to bring a small back pack, and water bottle cooler you can take for your day trips. A waterproof jacket or collapsible umbrella may be handy should the tropics decide to catch you in a downfall.

Be ready to capture the moments

It goes without saying, but I am saying it anyway… BRING YOUR CAMERA! Or your phone. Big tip, bring an underwater camera or a waterproof case for your phone. You will be mesmerized by the water, the fish, the sunset, you’ll want to take your camera when you go kayaking. You don’t want to be the travel anecdote of the guest that lost their phone in the water!

All these items require charging. The current in Fiji is 240 volts AC 50Hz with three-pin power points – the same as in Australia and New Zealand. Pack a universal power converter. We have power points next to our day beds in the lobby so that you can always be recharged. 


It is a good idea to get some Fiji dollars before you reach the resort. There is a currency exchange bureau in Savusavu (20 minutes away), but it may be more efficient to exchange some dollars in Nadi or Suva at the airport on your way.

You have an account once you reach the resort and can pay for this on your credit card at the completion of your stay. All your extras, food, drinks and activities will go on this so you don’t need to carry cash on you at the resort. In town, the local produce markets work on a ‘cash only’ system but many of the stores support credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express. You will want to have a small amount of cash on you too if you visit a village as the locals will put out some trinkets and jewellery made from the local materials.

Ok, that’s it. Throw in a great book for the flight and we’ll see you soon!

Author: Kristine Ballard

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