The Jungle Kids Club

The Jungle Kids Club offers a complimentary “Bula Buddy” service for children, as well as a unique (Meimei) Nanny Service within our kids club for our youngest guests!

Meimei Nanny: 3 years old and under

INFANTS: 8 hours of dedicated nanny service within the kids club daily for infant children 3 years and under at the time of travel.


Meimei Nanny services are available for children 3 years and under between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm. Extra Nanny Services are offered after 4pm at a nominal charge of FJD$10.00hr per child. The Kids meal times for lunch is from 11.30-12.00 midday and Dinner time is made available between 6.00pm and 6.30pm.


Children will enjoy a mixture of games and activities with a truly definitive Fijian flavor always loaded with fun and great entertainment.

fiji family resort featuring a jungle kids club

Bula Buddy: 4 – 12 years old

Our Bula Buddies activities program extends to the ages of 4 to 12 years of age, where children can participate in compulsory supervised activities from 8.00am-4.00pm daily.  We provide one Bula Buddy for every 2-3 children offering a very personalized service for families with educational and recreation based activities.


Daily activities include Rainforest hikes, introduction to Fijian culture, Fijian arts & crafts, tidal pool exploration, snorkeling (for 7 years & older), t-shirt painting, coconut leaf weaving, and sand village construction.

fiji family resort featuring a jungle kids club

Hair Braiding:

  • Full hair braided-@FJD$35.00
  • Half a braid-@FJD$20.00
  • Single Braid@FJD$3.00

Supervised Activities For 5 Years & below:

  • Sand Castle building
  • Shells collecting
  • Ice- cream competition
  • Fish feeding
  • T- shirt painting
  • Coconut bowling

Supervised Night Activities:

  • Kids Disco
  • Sulu tying lesson
  • Crab race
  • Balloon dancing

Educational Games:

  • Quiz
  • Native Plants & It’s Uses
  • Fiji’s Rare Species
  • Fiji’s History


8:30am – Club Meeting at the Kids Club
Selecting the TUI (King) & RANADI (Queen) of the Day
9:00am – Fish Feeding
9:30am – Vuadomo Waterfall or Playground Games
10:30am – Reef Walk, Shell Collecting & Hermit Crab Race
– Sack Race & Tug Of War
2:00pm – Art & Craft
3.00pm – Vakasisisi (Waterslide at the Kids Pool)
3:45pm – Club Meeting for Disperse


8:30am – Club Meeting at the Kids Club
9:00am – Hand Line Fishing
10:30am – Fijian Music and learning of local traditions
1:00pm – Snorkeling in the Lagoon
2:00pm – Ball Games
3:00pm – Treasure Hunt
3:45pm – Club Meeting for Disperse


8:30am – Club Meeting at the Kids Club
9:00am – Fish Feeding (POND)
9:30am – Lagoon Kayaking
11:00am – VAKASISI (water Slide)
1:00pm – Beach Stroll & Shell Collecting
2:00pm – Fijian Meke (Dance) Rehearsal
3:00pm – Art & Craft
3:45pm – Club meeting for Disperse


8:30am – Club Meeting at the Kids Club
9:00am – Prawn Catching
10:00am – Beach Picnic at Devodara Beach
1:00pm – Playground Time
2:00pm – Learn the Tree of Life- Coconuts
(Husking, scraping & cooking Toffee)
3:45pm – Club Meeting for Dispersing


8:30am – Club Meeting at the Kids Club
9:00am – Fish Feeding
9:30am – Waterfall/ Village Visit or Art & Craft
10:30am – Forest Hike
11:30am – Vakasisi (waterslide) & pool games
1:00pm – Sack Race/ Apple Eating Competition
2:00pm – Shells Collecting
3:00pm – Cram Board games
3:45pm – Club meeting for Disperse


8:30am – Club Meeting at Kids Club
9:00am – Fish feeding at Koro Sun Marina
9:30am – Market/Town Trip
1:00pm – Coconut Demonstration
2:00pm – Crab Race
3:00pm – Kayaking at Koro Sun Lagoon
3:45pm – Club meeting for Disperse


8:30am – Club Meeting at Kids Club
9:00am – Fish Feeding at the Pond
9:45am – Church service at Waivunia Village
11:00am – Pool side Games
1:00pm – Art & Craft
2:00pm – Lagoon Snorkel
3:00pm – Volleyball & Tin Games
3:45pm – Club meeting for Disperse

“We’ve fallen in love and we’ll be back.”


We’ve just had the most special family holiday and would love to return. We have two children, 10 and 12 who were also very well cared for and loved the chance to make new friends too. The pictures show how incredibly beautiful and lush is the landscape, amenities and surrounds. But it’s the PEOPLE who make this place like no other you’ll find. We arrived guests, and left feeling like family. (Complete w tears as our farewell was sung)! We’ll miss our new family at Koro Sun. Til next time, Vinaka. Xx 

-Stayed September 2016, traveled with family

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