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Two Islands Double The Adventure!

Two Islands Double The Adventure!

While many Fiji aficionados are perfectly content spending their entire vacation at Koro Sun Resort and Rainforest Spa on Vanua Levu Island, a growing number of travelers are intrigued with venturing beyond a single-island experience to discover even more Fiji beauty.

From rainforest to reef, Fiji’s second largest island offers a range of top adventures–diving, snorkeling, kayaking, SUP, hiking to waterfalls and visiting authentic Fijian villages. And then there’s the ultimate of simply relaxing with an umbrella drink at the edge of Koro Sun’s pristine lagoon.

To double your Fiji pleasure, you could stay twice as long at Koro Sun! Or you could combine your Vanua Levu visit with a stay on the nearby island of Taveuni. Just 46 miles to the east across the Somosomo Strait, the “Garden Island” of Taveuni is accessible via the Amazing Grace ferry departing Natuvu.

Rising 4,000 feet above the ocean and plunging to depths nearly 4,000 feet, Taveuni sizes up as Fiji’s third largest island at a modest 37 miles long and 7 miles wide. Not only is the land magical, but the ocean off Taveuni also rates among the top dive sites in the world. In fact, Rainbow Reef boasts more than 30 dive sites–all uniquely different, colorful and exciting.

Divers enjoy soft coral that are multi-hued plus some of the most colorful found anywhere in the world. When you combine this with Vanua Levu’s Canyons, Nuggets, Goldilocks and Nasonisoni Pass, divers hit underwater nirvana!

Landlubbers are equally appeased with Taveuni’s lush rainforests. Favorite land adventures include day tripping to Bouma Falls and Lavena area (Ravilevu) Nature Reserves, visiting Wairiki Mission, hiking to Lake Tagimaucia, checking out the former site of the International Dateline and bird watching.

At Bouma National Heritage Park, hiking trails reward with a mother lode of feathered creatures that includes Kula Lorikeets, Silktails and Orange Doves–plus 100 additional bird species that call Taveuni home.


The small ferry Amazing Grace (tel. +679-927-1372 in Savusavu and +679-888-0320 on Taveuni) crosses the Somosomo Strait between Buca Bay on Vanua Levu and Korean Wharf near Naqara on Taveuni four days weekly. The one-way fare is approximately $40US or $54AUD including the bus ride from Savusavu to Buca Bay. The actual ferry voyage that departs in mornings averages 1.5-2 hours. Bear in mind that the journey can bit a bit rough depending on weather conditions.

Upon arrival at Korean Wharf, you’ll be able to catch a public bus or local taxi to your Taveuni accommodations. If it’s a taxi, be sure to negotiate the fare before you get in, as these rides do not feature meters.

For return options–or if you decide to begin your split stay on Taveuni–Lomaiviti Princess operates four times weekly from Taveuni to Suva via Koro, and Savusavu.

For more information on ferry departure times and current rates, visit For recommendations on Taveuni accommodation options, contact Koro Sun ( prior to your visit. The website features a “Contacts” page with email and telephone numbers. Our staff will be happy to assist!

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