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Finding a holiday destination that has something to excite everbody in the family can be a daunting task. You start with the idea that it will be a great way to get the family together and relax. Problem is, everyone in the family has a different version of ‘relax’.

For parents, a little quiet time is often sacrificed for kids entertainment. And for kids, going to a place to ‘do nothing’ is a hard sell. Add a granparent or two, you’re always second guessing that they will be comfortable and have enough to do, especially if the kids decide that new found friends are more interesting than grandparents!

You can go the usual route…book the mega resort where there are a million restaurants to choose from  and a million activities to do. But being busy all the time and doing something every minute of everyday is the very reason you’re planning the holiday in the first place. That’s exactly what you need a break from isn’t it? The real reason you plan a holiday with the family is to connect with each other, relax, rejuvenate and create some new memories, where you have time to appreciate the most precious people in your life.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do all this in one spot with a backdrop to paradise? Enter, Koro Sun Resort. One destination with many locations. The style is relaxed and casual. The service is warm and welcoming. 

The 150 acre property spans from the ocean front up into the lush rainforest and hills. Set on the north island of Vanua Levu it takes a short one hour flight from Nadi to get there. As you fly over the tropical isles your transcendence to paradise will become apparent. Plus the kids will love the trip, it will be the first adventure of the holiday!

You’ll be greeted at the airport by one of our friendly staff who will collect your bags and transport you down the coast to the resort. Nestled along the coastline the resort has a number of accommodation options in a number of settings. You can choose from the reef to the rainforest. All the locations are unique, from the Edgewater Villas, complete with deck and ladder down to the sea, to the Rainforest Villas with private dip pool. For bigger groups there are the private villas set up on the hillside looking out to sea.


The staff at the resort will go out of their way to ensure you have the right balance of relaxation and rejuvenation. You will always be addressed by your name. (They go to great efforts to learn it before you arrive!)

The Fijian people understand the nurturing power of family. Their culture gravitates around the sustainability, respect and growth of village life and the importance of community and family. They take great pride in making sure everyone in your family is enjoying themselves. They know the value of quality family time. Many of the activities at the resort cater for creating moments together.


There is a litany of watersports for family members to participate in. The activities shed stores lots of equipment, all free, for you to make the most of. Kayaking on the ocean front and snorkelling are popular. They also run beach walks and line fishing sessions.

The kids only pool hosts a waterslide and enormous day beds for parents and grandparents to laze while the kids swim. (Don’t worry mum and dad, we have an Adults only pool you can slip away to as well. Need a break from kids activities? Make use of our Jungle Club and let the kids hang out there for a while. Fully supervised and runs all day). Got teenagers? Book some snorkelling in one of our special locations to check out the tropical fish and a shark or two! 


For the nature lovers in the family there are botanical walks and rainforest treks. A ‘must do’ activity is the Vuadomo Waterfall Tour where you get to visit a local village before strolling to the fresh water falls and taking a dip. There is also quite a bit of wildlife to watch. Frogs in the lily pond, geckoes on the sun decks and cheeky mongoose sneaking throughout the gardens make for exciting critter spotting for the kids. There is also basket weaving, flower arranging and coconut demonstrations.


The Fijian people understand the nurturing power of family. Their culture gravitates around the sustainability, respect and growth of village life and the importance of community and family. You can get a taste of this with a school visit, attending the local church service, listening to the visiting choir and watching the cultural presentation at the resort. Joy, vitality and love is something every family can never have too much of! Take one of the organised trips into town and you get a taste of daily life in Savusavu, visiting the lively markets and shops. You can also play a spot of tennis or afternoon volleyball with the staff in the resort.


Meals at the resort come in a half board (2 meals per day) or full board package (3 meals per day). They have a special menu for kids and special early sitting times to keep those hungry holiday makers filled. The resort prides itself in using the freshest, local and organic produce in its meals. Much of what you eat is grown in the resort’s plantations. If you like fresh fruit and vegetables, locally caught fish and home made bread you will be one happy guest. Parents can indulge in meals served in the later times for a relaxing dining experience. Grandma and grandpa will be happy too, as the coffee and tea pots are always on. And there are home made biscuits and cake made every day for afternoon tea.


Our award winning Rainforest Spa accommodates for families too. The legendary ‘Banana Wrap Treatment is great indulgence for mum and dad’ and there are mini-manicures and hair braiding for the little ones. 


One stay at the resort and the staff will have you inducted into the Koro family. Meeting you and your family is one of the highlights of their job. For many guests, they are overwhelmed by the warmth and closeness they feel for the place and people upon their departure. Even more so, once you have been carolled out by the staff with tuneful wishes for a safe trip home.


Koro Sun Reef and Rainforest Resort is a place that encourages you to reconnect with your family and centre yourself. Family time will take on a whole new meaning when you have experienced the true Fijian hospitality on offer at Koro Sun. Your family will congratulate you on booking one of the best family trips ever!

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