The Best Diving in Fiji

Widely celebrated as the “Soft Coral Capital” of the scuba diving world for its colorful reef gardens that brim with marine life, Fiji is an underwater wonderland attracting everyone from serious scuba divers to beginning snorkelers from across the globe. Some of Fiji’s most famous scuba diving sites are located off Vanua Levu in the northern fringes.


While divers visit Vanua Levu year round, the most popular scuba diving season is from April to October. Visibility is best from July to September. Guests at Koro Sun Resort & Rainforest Spa enjoy quicker access to some of Fiji’s most famous scuba diving sites than those staying on other islands. Divers of all levels can easily explore sheer vertical walls and seamounts abounding all within a quick 15-20 minute dive boat trip.



A PADI certified scuba diving operator located in the Koro Sun Resort Marina, Namena Divers features a fully equipped dive shop and incredible fleet of dive boats. The experienced staff provides introductory scuba instruction, plus certification courses for Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Emergency First Response and Dive Master.


Koro Sun is an eco-friendly resort dedicated to preserving and maintaining Fiji’s delicate marine environment. So Namena scuba diving instructors stress that divers do not remove or damage coral, fish or other marine life. Koro Sun local reef diving packages range from a single-day one-tank dive excluding gear to five days of two-tank dives that include two days of free gear use.


Dive excursion boats depart Koro Sun Resort Marina at 8:30am for two local dives and return to the resort in time for lunch. A third departs for a two-hour dive at 1:30pm. Certified divers are required to produce a certification card prior to diving as proof of training. Naturally, daily dive sites vary with weather and water conditions.

Namena Soft Corals

Appearing as plants, soft corals are actually invertebrates that use numerous eight-tentacle polyps for feeding. Soft reefs are home to schools of jacks, barracuda, triggerfish, and clouds of pulsating pink and orange anthias.


Among the top scuba diving sites near Koro Sun Resort are The Grand Central Station, Yellow Wall and The Chimneys within Namena Marine Protected Reserve off the lively harbor town of Savusavu.


Beyond Savusavu Bay in the currents that sweep up through Somosomo Strait between Vanua Levu and the island of Taveuni, experienced divers will find more drama at sites like Barracuda Point. In addition to huge schools of barracuda, you’ll marvel at staghorn corals, gorgonian sea fans and a cleaning station where batfish line up to be tended to by small wrasses.

Experienced scuba divers also gravitate to Dreamhouse (currently closed for 6 months) for its pelagic sightings and to Nasonisoni Passage for drift diving.


Whether you’re an experienced diver or newcomer ready for PADI certification, you’ll find Koro Sun Resort a beautiful springboard to the best scuba diving sites in the “Soft Coral Capital” of Fiji. Be sure to check for special packages and discounts for our beautiful bure accommodations when planning your Fiji scuba diving vacation at Koro Sun Resort.