Rainforest Spa Package

The native Fijians have the natural gift of touch. The rainforest setting and the warmth of the Fijians will leave you with an experience to be remembered.
$195 USD per person + tax

Rainforest Massage 1 hour

Your Fijian massage therapist will lead you into the magical rainforest along a stream to the spa, perfectly situated next to a pool of seven small waterfalls. At the Rainforest Spa we incorporate pure coconut oils and Pure Fiji products to bathe your body and sooth your senses. You will be transported to a relaxing state with the sounds of the waterfall, and birds chirping. Experience the skilled hands of Fijian massage therapist.

Banana Leaf Body Wrap 1/2 Hour

Our signature treatment at the award winning Rainforest Spa- Natural Botanicals deeply penetrate vital minerals and nutrients into the skin, then wrapped in banana leaves to detoxify. This treatment helps center the body after jet lag or stress, leaving you feeling balanced and renewed.

Fiji Facial 1 Hour

Treat the face to a therapy that cleanses, exfoliates, tones, moisturizes and nourishes skin. If you’ve spent too much time in the sun, or dehydrated your precious skin through travels, we will have you feeling and looking your best. We use the purest of ingredients and essential oils to compliment the experience