The Jungle Kids Club

The Jungle Kids Club offers a complimentary “Bula Buddy” service for children, as well as a unique (Meimei) Nanny Service for our youngest guests!


Our Bula Buddies activities program extends to the ages of 4 to 12 years of age, where children can participate in compulsory supervised activities from 8.00am-4.00pm daily.


Daily activities include Rainforest hikes, introduction to Fijian culture, Fijian arts & crafts, tidal pool exploration, snorkeling (for 7 years & older), t-shirt painting, coconut leaf weaving, and sand village construction. Children between 4-12 years can participate in the Kids Club program with a Bula Buddy. We provide one Bula Buddy for every 2-3 children offering a very personalized service for families with educational and recreation based activities.


Meimei Nanny services are available for children 3 years and under between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm.


Extra Nanny Services are offered after 4pm at a nominal charge of FJD$6.00hr per child. The Kids meal times for lunch is from 11.30-12.00 midday and Dinner time is made available between 6.00pm and 6.30pm.

INFANTS: 8 hours of dedicated nanny service daily for infant children 3YRS and under at the time of travel – 8am-4pm


Children will enjoy a mixture of games and activities with a truly definitive Fijian flavor always loaded with fun and great entertainment.


Special Activities:

Hair Braiding is offered at the following rates-
Full hair braided-@FJD$35.00
Half a braid-@FJD$20.00
Single Braid@FJD$3.00


9.00 – Club Meeting
9.30 – Local School Visit
12.00 mid day – Lunch(Matakau Restaurant)
1-2pm – Movie @the kids cinema
3-4pm – A Fijian Tin game (Pani)’


9.00 – Club Meeting
9.30 – Forest Hike
11.00am-  A game of Marco Polo @ Lailai Pool.”
12.00 mid day – Lunch
1-2pm – Snorkelling at the Pontoon.
3-4pm – Competition of tug of war and a sack race.


9.00 – Club Meeting
9.30 – kayaking to bat Island
12.00 mid day – Lunch
1-2pm – Shell Collecting
3-4pm – Handline fishing


9.00 – Club Meeting
9.30am – Traditional art and Craft lesson
11.00am – Hermit Crab race at the Beach side
12.00 mid day – Lunch
1-2pm – Volleyball
3-4pm – Fijian Dance Rehearsal


9.00am – Club Meeting
9.30am – Waterfall Trip
11.00am – Picnic at Wina Beach
12.00pm –  Lunch
1-2pm – Treasure Hunt
3-4pm – Fijian Wrestling Competition @Lailai Pool

Supervised Activities For 5 Years & below, include the following:

  • Sand Castle building
  • Shells collecting
  • Ice- cream competition
  • Fish feeding
  • T- shirt painting
  • Coconut bowling


9.00am – Club Meeting
9.30am – Town Trip
11.00am – Slide @ the lailai pool
12.00pm – Lunch
1-2pm – Coconut Demonstration
3-4pm – BiliBili race Competition

Supervised Night Activities:

  • Kids Disco
  • Sulu tying lesson
  • Crab race
  • Balloon dancing


9.00 – Club Meeting
9.30am – Church Service @ local Village
11.00pm – Pool Time
1-2pm – Crab race
3-4pm – A game of Soccer & Rugby