Energy Boost Retreat

August 26 - September 2

Yoga, meditation and healing techniques with Elena Demidowa


Energy Boost Retreat

Learn to have the greatest doctor right inside of you: awaken your body resources to self-heal  in the most holistic way. Free you chi energy through yin yoga, learn how to heal any disease by fasting, find out about ways to boost your energy with superfoods and learn about the purpose of your life through a meditation or astral traveling.

Retreat Pricing

$1250 USD per person based on double occupancy in a Two Bedroom Bure

Your Retreat Includes:

  • Daily yoga practice and organized workshops
  • Continental Breakfast Daily
  • Resort activities*
  • Fijian welcome with a coconut milk foot soak and leg massage, accompanied by freshly chilled green coconut drink
  • One hour massage in our Rainforest Spa
  • Private cocktail reception at the Seaside Restaurant or Mountain Top Villa
  • Ground transfers to and from the Savusavu Airport
  • Dedicated marketing and customer service team to assist with planning of retreat.

Retreat Itinerary

Day 1.

7am sun and moon salutation circle by the ocean.
11am superfoods workshop: benefits of the less known superfoods which can improve your life and life of your kids
Afternoon: explore Savusavu and surroundings

Day 2.

7am hatha yoga by the tree.
9-11am discover underwater wonders by snorkeling the house reef.
Afternoon: jungle hike through the rainforest.

Day 3.

7am energize your morning with a power yoga session
9-11am sliding the ocean surface on kayaks and SUP.
Afternoon 3pm: yoga for kids – fun animal poses: all ages welcome. Parents can learn acro yoga with kids in the smiling airplane game.

Day 4.

Morning yoga on SUP for most adventurous. Read about yoga on SUP benefits and try!
Afternoon: massage techniques with elements of acro yoga. Teach your kids or partner to release your energy blocks by dancing on your bottom.  Massage can be fun with balancing exercise for one and massage for another.

Day 5.

7am sunrise meditation and techniques for opening abundance channel.
Afternoon: Vegan cooking class: from coconut yogurt to mouth-watering desserts.
5pm release your chi energy with Sunset Yin yoga

Day 6.

7am detox yoga session
Afternoon: workshop on benefits of fasting: from balancing your metabolism till rejuvenation and serious disease treatment. Read more about fasting below.
5pm learn about yoga asanas for weight balance and rejuvenation. Calm your mind with sunset meditation.

Day 7.

7am sunrise yoga with your favorite asanas.
Afternoon: workshop on herbal and clay detox. Medicinal properties of clay.
Evening talk about astral traveling. Share your out-of-body experience and learn to astral travel.

The benefits of the floating yoga on SUP compared to asanas on a yoga deck are the following:

1. Better work out: Since the platform is unstable, one has to engage the core more for better balance.
2. Better body alignment: if you have more weight on one side, your board will let you know.
3. Ocean helps to focus on the breath and soothes the mind.
4. Standing up on a paddle board gives you a unique perspective of both the water and the horizon. It’s as close as you can get to walking on water, and the possibility of falling helps practitioners really focus on themselves and their poses.
5. It’s beautiful, more challenging and fun and all natural elements: water, sun, wind are involved. Novelty is important in exercise regimens in order to stay motivated and happy. The very real possibility of falling into the water provides just enough adrenaline to your workout to keep you focused and motivated. And final relax in Savasana can’t get more powerful and relaxing with waves rocking your body and nature’s sounds as lullaby.